R.Hero Children’s Book Series

R. Hero A Dog's Tale Front Cover

Children and adults can further explore what makes a hero in the fun and brightly illustrated series of R. Hero children’s books.

In R. Hero: A Dog’s Tale,” Rocket learns that Dalmatians receive spots upon completing heroic deeds. Rocket’s father decides to take him with him for the day to help the first responders. Rocket learns first responders include firefighters, police and paramedics and they all go to save Grammy Grimes’ house. After assisting the first responders and helping to save Grammy Grimes’ house, Rocket earns his own spot. Rocket saves the day and learns how to earn hero spots by helping others.

R. Hero Ruffles to the Rescue Front Cover

In the sequel, “R. Hero: Ruffles to the Rescue,” Ruffles desperately wants to earn a spot like her big brother Rocket. Ruffles finally gets the chance to go with her father and the first responders when a young girl named Anna falls off a slide at the park. Ruffles learns about all the work paramedics, doctors and nurses do to help kids feel better as she goes with Anna to the hospital. In being a good friend and helping Anna feel better, Ruffles earns her first big black spot!

The R. Hero children’s book series can be found at venues with an R. Hero sculpture.

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The Hero In You Foundation, founded and supported by Bunni and Rick Benaron, is dedicated to honoring first responders and inspiring youth to be heroes in their own lives.

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